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RWC Specialized E150 Fork Seal Kit


The words "Specialized" and "Proprietary" seem to go together like bread and butter. ...or maybe "headache and nausea" would be more appropriate. Anyway, it should have been no surprise that the E150 fork by Specialized would have an oddball seal head bore that wasn't compatible with any other 35mm fork seals on the market. When the decision was made to quit supporting the E150 and replacement seals actually ran out, we received some desperate email pleas for an aftermarket seal kit. I'm afraid it took us a bit too long and some E150 owners simply moved on to other forks. For those die-hard E150 fans who just couldn't say goodbye to this fork, we hope you'll say, "Better late than never!" and give this top-of-the-line upgrade a try.


Our RWC Premium Ugrade Kit includes two custom ENDURO Hy-Glide wiper seals with 2 optimized materials: one for low-friction oil retention and the other for wiping the stanchion tube clean and preventing the ingress of any outside contaminants. RWC foam-felt oil rings, a UV resistant o-ring travel indicator, and 1/2 oz (15g) tube of Slickoleum suspension assembly grease round out the kit.

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