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(Part number BBT-222)

We've been waiting to offer a "blind bearing puller" of this quality for a long time. Here are the reasons we held out (and why you no longer need to):

-Tool quality stainless steel bearing collets will not break like other pullers
-More collets than other pullers (each collet covers a smaller range for a better fit). 9 collets cover bearing IDs of 6mm-30mm
-The collets have smaller collars than "competitors." This allows them to get into tight spots like inside hubs and BB shells.
-The slide hammer actually converts into a mechanic's hammer/mallet with brass and plastic face options included
-Included mechanic's hammer head has a 1" magnetic socket recess on one side that holds various cassette tools and more.
-Carrying/organizing case is included

In general, we like to avoid hammers around bearings, but more and more suspension pivot designs have bearings mounted in closed links and other blind spots where other bearing tools do not have access to the back of the bearing. For such situations, whether in hubs, suspension pivots, or bottom brackets, a quality bearing puller can be a life saver.

This stainless steel masterpiece is manufactured in the USA

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