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Twice the Tool for the Money


Two tools in one! These wiper press tools are designed for forks that use "wiper-seals" (as opposed to separate oil seals and wipers). Each "WPT" tool covers two sizes of seals--allowing you to work on 4 different fork sizes between the two tools.

WPT-32-34 covers all 32mm and 34mm stanchioned forks, while WPT-35-36 covers 35mm AND 36mm forks that use a unified "wiper seal."

This tool is compatible with both flanged and flangeless wiper-seals, and automatically sets flangeless wipers to their proper depth in the seal head. This tool uses a special extension or "bushing pilot" at each end that enters the lower assembly and interfaces with the bushings the same way your fork's stanchion tubes do. This results in perfect alignment of the wipers before they are pressed in. It is simply impossible to get the wipers "cocked" at an angle when installing with this tool.

(If your fork uses a separate oil seal, you will need one of our "seal and wiper press tools").

Designed and manufactured in Tucson, Arizona USA

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