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This is a 4.5-inch diameter by 3-inch tall tub containing 15 ounces of product.

Slickoleum is a light suspension grease that greatly reduces the breakaway friction for reciprocating seals. Many reputable shock manufacturers are using Slickoleum Light Grease worldwide today. Slickoleum grease has been used as suspension grease going on 27 years with outstanding feedback from our customers. Slickoleum is also an exceptional lubricant for standard O-rings as well as seals..

Inherent features of the additives enable it to:
• Adhere to and impregnate metallic surfaces reducing friction and increasing lubrication
• Function in low to medium temperatures, providing increased lubricity
• Safe for all kinds of seals, elastomers, and O-rings, except EPDM rubber
• Prevent corrosion and oxidation while providing a protective layer

Also perfect for Turner Bikes "journal bearings."

Health and Safety: This product is unlikely to have any adverse health implications or safety hazards when used for its intended application. Avoid contact with skin, use resistant gloves when handling used oil. If skin comes in contact wash immediately with soap and water.

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  • Slickoleum Grease is translucent, light colored, water resistant with outstanding slick and lubrication properties. This grease is fortified with premium additives meeting outstanding performance characteristics. It possesses good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties with outstanding low friction characteristics.

    Slickoleum is a multi-purpose grease for fork seals, o-rings, linear slides, bearings and chassis applications. This grease offers excellent low temperature pumpability and low temperature protection.

  • Product Features:
    •Anhydrous calcium grease
    •Excellent water resistance
    •Good pumpability at low temperatures
    •Good frictional and antiwear protection

    Customer Benefits:
    •Excellent slick and lubrication properties
    •Suitable for low temperature applications
    •Better rust protection

    Slickoleum Incompatibility:
    •Not for use on copper parts
    •Not for use on EPDM rubber

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