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RWC Shock NB Kit, 40mm

This kit is designed for 8mm shock hardware.  To use with 6mm bolts, please add this item to your cart: 8 x 6mm Reducing Sleeve Our NEEDLE BEARING CONVERSION KITS are a new, better way of doing things. Our top quality hardened steel needle bearing takes the place of the DU bushing. The needle bearing is matched with a hardened, polished inner ring (axle) that, when used with the supplied spacers, is a perfect fit between the rocker arms or frame mounts. Until your shock is riding on bearings, you will never take advantage of its true capabilities.

The breakthrough performance and popularity of our needle bearing kits has inspired some cheap knock-off kits. Only our kits include:
-Machined and anodized aluminum spacers with integrated seals.
-Up to 4 hardened bearing steel axles of varying Outside Diameters so that you get a custom fit regardless of slight variations in your shock eyelet bore.

Shock bores typically run between 15.01mm and 15.03mm. As the needle bearing assembly gets pressed into the shock eyelet, the cup holding the rollers gets compressed, which affects the Inside Diameter of the bearing. These variations in bearing Inside Diameter require corresponding variations in axle Outside Diameter in order to have a proper fit. Too tight a fit results in binding, while too loose a fit results in excess play. With our kit, you are guaranteed a custom fit and optimum performance.


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    • Excellent bushing replacement
      I purchased this plus the 30mm NBK for a DHX2 equipped Capra MkII. There was a significant improvement in how smooth the compressions were on the bike after replacing both bushings with the needle bearings. The bike felt so much smoother through all of its travel. Chris was also helpful in discussing whether or not to get a NBK for both ends of the shock, but seeing wear on the through bolts I decided to replace both and very happy I did. This is a second part review to the 30mm NBK review. Additionally, it looks like the 30mm NBK will work with the rear La Sal Peak 2.0 shock mount so probably will pull it off the Capra to test.



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