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RWC External BB30 Cup Tool

The RWC External BB30 Cup Tool offers several advantages over other bottom bracket tools for "external" BSA30 cups:

-The open design allows you to confirm full engagement of the cup notches (unlike a centered socket tool, which is "blind.")

-The wrench is reversible to account for differences in cup notches--some notches are shallow and towards the front, others cut far into the cup. The reversible design allows you to select the position that gets the best "bite" on the cups, and also centers the wrench to prevent slippage.

-Unlike a stamped steel wrench, our "crow's foot" design allows the use of a torque wrench (simply snap onto the torque wrench at a 90 degree angle to the handle).

Fits most external BB30 cups with 12 notches, including:

-Real World Cycling BSA30/EX30
-Enduro BSA30
-RaceFace Cinch BSA30
-Rotor BSA30
-Zipp VumaQuad cups (12-notch version!)
-Note: Does NOT fit Chris King Threadfit 30

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