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ENDURO RWC BRT-002 BB30/PF30 Bearing Puller/Press

The ENDURO BRT-002 BB30/PF30 Puller/Press Tool, when purchased here, has become even more versatile (because we include the RWC red adapter ring). This tool, as shipped from RWC, removes and installs the following:

DIRECT-FIT BB30 BEARINGS (Bearings press directly into 42mm Inside Diameter BB shell)

PF30 PRESS FIT BOTTOM BRACKETS (Bearings are in plastic or aluminum cups that press into a 46mm ID BB shell)

DRF3041 BEARINGS (These special flanged bearings press directly into BB92 41mm ID shells and allow the use of a 30mm crank (such as Race Face "Cinch")

This tool is for removing all of the above bearings, bearing cups, bearings from the cups, etc.. And for re-installing all of the above bearings, cups, and bearings into cups, etc.

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