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This tool is discounted to shop pricing. It is exempt from coupons. High volume (50ml/cc) oil syringe ideal for MTB and motorcycle suspension work. High quality syringe has very smooth action and can be quickly and easily disassembled for cleaning. Includes 12 inch tubing with quick twist-connect (Luer lock). 5ml increments make it easy to precisely measure the oil for your application. Includes a spare non-stick and hydrophobic o-ring. The nickel-coated brass rod exemplifies the robust build of this syringe.

Made in France
Out of Stock
    • Awesome Quality Suspension Syringe
      This syringe is quality made and has enough volume to handle all of your suspension needs. A spare o-ring is included as well as a good length of hose ready for trimming to your needs. It uses a standard syringe interface (Luer lock), so many other tips could be used. It is also quick and easy to disassemble and clean. 10 out of 10 would buy again.


      Bellingham, WA

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