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THE BALLS are made in the USA from pure Silicon Nitride with extreme high density from uniform compaction (3.25 g/cm3). The micro-structural development of this material during manufacture is second to none. These high precision Grade 3, SI3N4 pure ceramic balls are 3/1,000,000” from exactly round in sphericity. They are 60% lighter in weight, and 7 times harder than steel. Friction is reduced to near zero.

THE RADIAL RACES for the ZERØ series feature vacuum de-gassed alloy steel hardened to Rockwell C-64. These high precision races are cryogenically treated not once, but three times during the final "super polishing" phase. Cryogenic treatment means taking the races down to minus 300º Fahrenheit to normalize the crystalline structure of the material so that the races will resist the hardness of the ceramic balls and get the maximum wear potential. This critical treatment to the races is left out by many manufacturers, but not by Enduro.

THE RETAINERS are nylon with Graphite and are virtually frictionless.

THE SEALS: Developed with the idea of rolling as fast as possible, this dual lip configuration does not make contact with the bottom of the machined groove. Since these bearings also have a high rate of grease fill, the grease migrates to the bottom of the groove where a hydromatic type seal is established between the 2 lips and the grease in the groove. This grease barrier keeps the dirt and contaminates from coming inside the bearing, while still rolling smoothly and with the least resistance of all our bearings.

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